Free 2016 Lateral Moves Guide  

for Law Partners, Acquiring Law Firms and Departing Law Firms

Few books or guides has been written on lateral partner movement, yet it has a dramatic effect on the legal industry, the law firms involved and the 
law partner's career. 

In This Guide, You'll Learn:

  • Learn #1 Reason Partners are in disputes with Departing Law Firms and the 8 Risks of Partner Lateral Moves 
  • What are the 30+ components of a Lateral Partner Questionnaire  
  • Why Do a Jewel Waiver and Clawback Provision matter in Acquiring Law Partners? 
  •  An 8 Point Pre-Departure Checklist 
  • Adressing Law Firm Leadership, Culture and their Competitive Advantage
  •  19 Important Questions for Law Firms and 23 for Partners 

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Our desire is that you will learn something new about this subject. 
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